FIN 571 Week 6 Assignment Ongko Furniture Store Recommendation

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Resources: the Ongko Furniture Store Scenario or your own organization, with the approval of your instructor, for this assignment


Write a paper in no more than 1,400 words that includes the following items:

Analyze Ongko’s alternatives and make a recommendation of a financial decision. The paper must also include a justification for your recommendation

Create a pro forma cash flow budget for the organization for at least the next 5 years. An example of planning for Ongko’s global growth could be making capital expenditures in productive capacity in foreign lands rather than just producing domestically and then exporting to overseas markets. 

Discuss how to deal with the international capital structure and the cost of capital of Ongko when going global. Explain briefly the financing aspect related to international trade and international tax environment.

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    FIN 571 Week 6 Assignment Ongko Furniture Store Recommendation

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