An Examination of Institutional Discrimination

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April 29, 2015
10-12 pages (does not include title page or references) 300 points
Discrimination occurs in many different forms in U.S. society. Although individual acts of discrimination are damaging and hurtful, that which has become woven into the fabric of society is insidious and far more destructive. For this assignment select one of the critical issues currently reported in the news and determine if there are any aspects of the issue that reflect institutional discrimination.
The goal of this assignment is to have you examine discrimination beyond the individual expression in areas that have a direct impact on the lives of individuals, families, and groups. Through this assignment it is expected that you will deepen your awareness and understanding of the U.S. society and the differential treatment that some groups of people experience.
The final assignment will focus on the topics listed below: (You are free to request another area of focus for your paper-please discuss with the instructor first).

please choose the easy one from these and write about it
• Immigration
• Affirmative Action
• Disability
• Voter identification

• Identify and analyze the issue; discuss the problem and the solution(s) advanced; examine whom the problem and solution affect; identify and discuss the agenda(s), whose agenda it is, who benefits and how;
• Identify and discuss the overt and covert objectives as the issue is brought to the public consciousness;
• Analyze manifestations of the issue in rural and small town communities;
• Apply concepts of institutional discrimination and social and economic justice;
• Describe the role as an individual and as a social worker which you might assume in responding to institutional discrimination and social and economic injustice in areas in which you are involved; recommend specific remedies or ways in which institutional discrimination and social injustice can be eliminated in the context of rural social work practice.
• Include no fewer than 10 outside references in your paper.

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