Essay on The Metamorphisis by Franz Kafka


For the first chapter of Kafka’s novella, the journal prompt will require you to mainly use the skills of summary and analysis when responding to the text. You will also need to refer to the PowerPoint presentation on characterization. Please be sure to cite specific examples from the story. 


In Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa awakes one morning to discover he has turned into a human sized insect overnight. As it goes with stories of magical realism, the situation in which the protagonist finds himself is truly fantastic, yet his reaction is convincing and true to life. 


After you have read the first chapter of Kafka’s novella, please respond to the following:


How does Gregor react to his transformation? What does both direct and indirect characterization reveal about Gregor’s personality? Is Gregor’s reaction appropriate, considering what we discover of his disposition? 


Word count: The length should be at least 300 words (roughly 1 and ½ pages, double-spaced.)


I have uploaded the powerpoint on characterization that you need to refer to.  I need to have some information from the powerpoint in the essay.  Also, please only write the essay on the first chapter and don't forget to cite examples from the story. Just to be sure, the first chapter ends at the part where the father forces Gregor back into his room.

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