Final Exam Essay


After revising your Midterm according to the feedback you receive, you will add a new 750 word essay to it. This second 750 word essay will draw on the course materials and continue to follow your 2 chosen 2 groups from the Midterm through Week 8. This cumulative essay will allow you to demonstrate you mastery of Course Goals 1 & 2:


  • Accurately and effectively communicate ideas, information, arguments, and messages to present material in a historical context.

  • Investigate and evaluate historical information from global, social, and ethical perspectives to guide decision making.


In total, this essay will be 1,500 words long, but do not panic! You will have already have written the first


half of the essay. You are simply revising it in order to improve your writing and critical thinking skills. The inclusion of the Midterm with the Final as a single cohesive essay will provide you will a fascinating analysis of your 2 chosen groups as you trace the technological transformations in their lives and the changes in how they see the universe. Again these groups are any number of people: women, laborers, farmers, believers, scientists and scholars, the middle class, the aristocracy, the agrarian poor, artisans, merchants, military people, entrepreneurs, religious authorities, heretics, artists, patients, builders and architects, physicians, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc. The groups in the Final will need to be the same as the groups in the Midterm.




Exam Essay Deadline: The final is due Tuesday, December 8 at 11:59 pm EST.


Submit your final essay by going to the Assignment folder in your LEO classroom and click the Final


Exam Essay link. Then submit your paper as a Word file document.


Writing Guidelines for Final Essay:




1. The paper must include the following:


a. A title page (with your name, my name, the course, and date)


b. Endnotes or footnotes for citations


c. A Works Cited page


2. The paper should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and Times New Roman 12-point font.


3. The paper must be: 1500 words total (750 for Midterm half and 750 for Final half). Papers shorter than 1500 words will be penalized. The title page, footnotes or endnotes and Works Cited page will not count towards your final word count.


4. Write the paper using the Chicago formatting style.


5. The paper must be well-written, proofread, and grammatically sound. It must have a thesis statement that is defended with evidence from your sources. Sources You will be using your readings from weeks 5-8 for your paper. You may supplement these readings with outside scholarly sources if you wish but only as a SUPPLEMENT. YOU MUST USE THE ASSIGNED READINGS.


For the second half of your paper (750 words), you may use no more than two (2) outside scholarly sources. Wikipedia and are not appropriate outside scholarly sources. The remainder of your sources must be from the assigned readings. For the entire essay (1500 words), you may include no more than four (4) outside scholarly sources. The remainder of your sources must be from the assigned readings.


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