Directions: From the selection of the question, please answer the question in complete 5 paragraphs essay. Please make sure you use at least a documentary/film in the essay.


      Please use proper in-text quotation and a well written works cited page.


      Please try to use at least 3-4 outside sources in your response and do more research on each topic as you will have a little bit



Semi-autobiography versus Memoirs: Written as a memoir, are Persepolis and I am Malala more powerful than Dazai and Sidhwa’s semi-autobiographical novels? Why or why not? Compare either Dazai or Sidhwa’s text with either of the memoirs we read in class. What are the benefits and drawbacks of memoirs and semi-autobiography? Please use specific examples to justify your observations.


Persepolis book


Final essay: 2,200 words

Font: Times font 12, double space

Works cited page

Format: MLA 8th edition

Please use proper in-text quotations.



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