Environmental Science


Considering that human impacts on the environment, and the fact that habitat change – primarily habitat destruction -- due to human activity is the most significant pressure that plant and animal species face today, many people are concerned about how the environmental system may or may not provide for our needs in the future. This concern can seem abstract, but it has the potential to affect us here at home.

Week 1 Consider the environmental services that we make use of in Indiana to drive our economy (see pages 9 & 10 of this PDF: http://projects.cberdata.org/reports/KeySectors-R0_Part1.pdf) make a post which envisions a future where a key environmental service is no longer functional and speculate on what might happen to the region were that service to disappear. You may have to rely on some research to make reasonable and informed speculations, and such research should be cited!

For example (and you cannot use this as your example in your post, and it is a ridiculous example to boot…), if we were to pretend that new coal was produced on a human-timescale (say every 10 years instead of every 10,000 years) and that environmental service stopped, our coal economy would collapse in a very short time and Hoosiers would face significant unemployment and energy would become much more costly (we generate 80% of our power in Indiana from coal).


it Is about 110 words 


see the pdf:




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