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Assignment  - Connecting Course Content with Current Events; Solid Waste and Superfund

I would like each of you to locate two journal articles, written within the last 5 years, that relate to the content of this course since the first homework.  This includes the Solid Waste Disposal Act, RCRA, and CERCLA.  I recommend using Google Scholar (scholar.google.com) to make finding articles a little easier.  You may need to log into the Pollak Library proxy server to have access to more journals.  Let me know if you need help figuring out the library proxy.

Be certain to cite the articles, using proper APA formatting guidelines.

After reading the article(s), write a three-page, double-spaced review with three goals in mind.  First, critique the article itself.  Is it well-written, well-organized, and does it address pertinent issues?  Second, emphasize how this article exemplifies the original intent of the Act you chose.  Third, describe the aspect of the Law that is being questioned or applied and summarize how this impacts other current events of which you are aware or aspects of your own life.

 The assignment is due at midnight on February 16th (that is, at the end of Monday, the beginning of Tuesday).  Use Times New Roman or Calibri font at 12pt.  Use 1-inch margins on all sides

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