ENGL 1008 Research proposal





2 pages typed and double spaced



Assignment 2: Research proposal




1)      Introduce the issue and then present it in question form.




2)      Explain briefly why you are interested in the issue (no need for details here since you have already discussed this in your personal experience paper i did up lod in the  Attachments personal experience paper and you go from there )




3)      Describe what you already know about the issue. (its general context, history behind it, etc.)




4)      Explain what you need to learn to present an effective argument.




5)      Show your plans for conducting research about this topic.







GRADING CRITERIA: 100 points maximum:




·         Your paper addresses the assignment and follows the above directions; the paper stays close to the topic and to the length as assigned (30 pts.)


·         The ideas in your paper are interesting, creative, surprising, pleasing to read, and well developed; enough detail is given ; there is a nice "plot," the setting is well described, and events and characters are well described and meaningful to the whole paper; you are able to "analyze" yourself as a writer from an outsider's perspective and with critical eyes; no important information is incomplete or left out; you don't assume that the reader knows what you know; you do not simply tell the story but you are also able to draw conclusions from it (30 pts.)


·         The spelling and grammar are without problems (check: words you don't know, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, correct verb tenses, correct adjective/adverb forms, word order, relative clauses, contractions, etc.); the sentence construction has a nice variety; the vocabulary is excellent (20 pts.)


·         The organization of your paper is clear and logical; there is a distinct introduction, development, and conclusion; different parts flow nicely with adequate transitions (10 pts.)


·         Your paper follows the rules of mechanics (punctuation) and format: double spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, one inch margin all around the text (10 pts.)


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