ENG 328 Week 2 Quiz <<< A Graded Tutorial >>>

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Question 1.    Which one of the following statements about technical communication is incorrect? 

  • You can expect to write many kinds of technical documents in your job.   
  • Because of e-mail, organizations do not need to document as much in writing.   
  • Some organizations restrict the amount and kind of technical documents their employees may write.   
  • Some technical documents may not include graphics of any kind.   

Question 2.Styles are preformatted designs for different kinds of documents, such as business letters, memos, newsletters, and reports. 

  •  True   
  •  False

Question 3.ABC Electronics wants additional security on its premises. The company wants someone to install a top-of-the-line burglar-alarm system for its two buildings that not only sounds an alarm but also simultaneously notifies authorities and the company president. Video surveillance of the premises would also be included in the security system. In order to obtain price quotes, what should the company write? 

  •   An unsolicited proposal   
  •   An internal proposal   
  •   An external proposal   
  •   A request for proposals 

Question 4.The writer’s revision of the following paragraph demonstrates which quality listed below? 

  •   Conciseness   
  •   Accuracy   
  •   Comprehensiveness   
  •   Correctness   

Question 5.U.S. companies do not necessarily have the same ethical and legal obligations when they export as when they sell in the United States.

  •  True   
  •  False

Question 6.When you are ready to revise a draft, you should consider seeking help from users and potential users of the document.

  •  True
  •  False

Question 7.The proposed program section of a proposal contains an itemization of the costs associated with the project you are proposing. 

  •  True 
  •  False

Question 8.If a team of writers regularly collaborates to produce technical reports that have identical design specifications, which of the following word-processing tools would be best to use?

  •   Grammar-checker   
  •   Predefined report template   
  •   Styles feature   
  •   Thesaurus 

Question 9.You work for a pharmaceuticals company. During your lunch breaks, you have become acquainted with one of the graphic artists at your company. He has just finished designing a logo for a new product, and the logo is now on your company's Web site. He mentions to you one day that he created the new design by downloading a logo that he found on an automaker's Web site and changing it a little. Which of the following statements is true? 

  • Your company is protected by the fair-use concept because your company and the other company are in different industries.   
  • Your company is protected by the work-made-for-hire concept.   
  • Your company has probably violated the automaker's trademark.   
  • Your company is protected because there is no trademark or registered trademark symbol after the logo on the automaker's Web site. 

Question 10.According to Chapter 5, if you think your document will have a number of readers, you should consider writing a variety of documents addressed to different kinds of readers.    

  •  True
  •  False
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    ENG 328 Week 2 Quiz <<< A Graded Tutorial >>>

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