Think about your own natural communication style and your typical behavior in an argument. Are you typically calm and logical when making an argument? Do you tend to appeal to emotion? Do you often get frustrated when trying to prove your point? Think critically about your personal communication style and its effectiveness in an academic setting. Write (due Thursday, Day 3) in 200 to 300 words, describe argument in your own words. Include the roles of the four basic elements of an argument in your description. Give an example of an argument you have experienced and identify the claims, evidence, counterargument, and rebuttal used. If you cannot think of an example from your own life, you may analyze the persuasive student paper,Flag Burning, from the Ashford Writing Center instead. You must identify claims, evidence, counterarguments, and rebuttals present in the student paper.Be sure to include any questions or confusion you have regarding rhetoric, argument, and the Classic/Rogerian styles.
Part 2:


Choose a topic that is interesting, has a clear argument, and allows you to remain objective. We will be using research and logic to support our arguments in this class. It may be difficult to remain objective if you feel emotionally or spiritually connected to the subject. Write (due Thursday, Day 3) In 200 to 300 words, share your chosen research topic for this class and write a few sentences on each of the following: Share the kind of argument you hope to make and why. Identify five to ten keywords for your library research and explain your choices.Write a single-sentence thesis statement for your research paper and compare it to the “Thesis Checklist.”Include any areas of confusion or questions you have for the class and/or your instructor

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