Educational Policy Development Plan

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Educational Policy Development Plan

The purpose of this assignment will be to develop a plan to write a new policy or update a current policy in a school district. Develop the plan in a format share with staff in a one-hour presentation as a way to explain the upcoming process for writing a new policy or updating a current policy. The plan will be a power point or other medium select to effectively present your ideas. Include the following:

                            ·  Introduction to policy update: a rationale for the new policy or updated policy.

        My policy about: field trip for school

                            ·  Explain influences to the policy such as state or federal laws, statutes, or policies.

·         Explain how staff, parents and community will be involved in the plan.

                            ·  Describe the specific steps and processes implemented to arrive at a completed policy.

                            ·  Discuss the process for monitoring and evaluating the policy.

                            ·  Describe the implications of the policy on school procedures.

                            ·  Include APA References for sources used in the process.


q  Choose a policy which needs to be introduced or updated

q              Plan a 1-hour presentation to a staff group about the process which will be used for writing a new or updating a current policy using a power point presentation or some other medium.  

q              Include information about the rationale for the new or updated policy, what are the influential factors for the policy (current research, state/federal laws, undesirable condition, etc.).

q              How will you gain participation from stakeholders about the new policy formulation and adoption?  Which stakeholders will be most involved in the process and why?

q  INCLUDE - Steps and processes to policy adoption – how will the policy be monitored & evaluated – what are the implications of the policy to school procedures



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