EDU 692 Week 2 DQ 2 ( Outside Challenges ) - Tutorial Contains Two Answers For This Discussion - A Graded - Best Tutorial - Quality Work

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Outside Challenges

This discussion focuses on identifying the economic, technological, social and personal factors outside of school that can result in barriers to academic success inside school. From Week One’s readings of the course text and the assessments related thereto, you should now be familiar with the research that describes the relationship between factor of social class and school success, the impact of diversity on learning, and the importance of family involvement. These factors represent powerful variables outside school that impact learning inside school. For this discussion, discuss factors in your own life, outside of school growing up and the direct and indirect relationships with your learning experiences inside of school. Be sure to review the Week Two Instructor Guidance for additional information that can assist you in excelling in all assessments for this week. 

Initial Post: Create an initial post that describes the relationship between a challenge you faced outside school from one or more of the following areas: economic, technological, social and personal. Next, describe how your challenge may have contributed to your academic and/or social success inside the classroom. Additionally, describe a challenge you are currently experiencing, noting whether it is an economic, technological, social, or personal challenge or combination of one or more of these areas.  Please only share about challenges that you are comfortable discussing with the class. Finally, conclude your initial post with a consideration of how the current challenge is influencing your ability to achieve academically and/or socially.


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    EDU 692 Week 2 DQ 2 ( Outside Challenges ) - Tutorial Contains Two Answers For This Discussion - A Graded - Best Tutorial - Quality Work

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