due tomorrow before 6AM 100 words each question with references (11 Questions)


1) Are there any historical precedents for a state seceeding in the U.S.?


2)One of the biggest problem in losing part of California for the U.S would be the lack of ports in the Sothern California area.If the acutally do will put the economy about three trillion dollars ahead of China and Japan. The country would fall with/out U.S why? because California plays a major trade hub betweenAsia and the U.S.



 California is actually a "giver" state, i.e., their citizens pay more in federal taxes than they receive in services and benefits from the federal government. If you look at the map, states that are Republican controlled are more likely to be "taker" states, i.e., they receive more services and benefits from the federal government than they pay out in taxes. Would you rather live in a "giver" or a "taker" state? Why?


4)Here is an interesting article on secession movements in the U.S. Many such movements actually continue today.



5)Do referendum, initiative, and recall actions make government more efficient or less efficient? Why?


6)If you were given the opportunity to rewrite the U.S. Constitution, how would you design the foundation of our government?  Would you still have three branches?  To what extent would you allow for checks and balances and direct input from the people?  Use the knowledge that you have gained in this class, and do some research on democratic systems in other countries, to devise the most effective form of democracy.


7)How do referendum, initiative, and recall efforts impact the stability of the Arizona government?


8)Under Parliamentary systems, there is a method of removing Prime Minister similar to recall (although it is done by elected officials in the legislature) known as a vote of no confidence.  Look at countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada for examples.  Has this process been helpful or a hindrance to the democratic process?


9)Would you want similar options for referendum, initiatives, and recall for Congress and the President? Why or why not?


10)Can you find any specific examples of Arizona politicians who were removed from office using this method?  Would they have remained in office in another state?

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