I hope that you’re doing fine. Actually I have an Economic Assignment I want you to do it for me. I remembered that you told me before that you’re good in economic and you have a back ground on this subject. And since you done for me in past essays about GMO then I think you have an idea about the topic. But here it’s’ little bit different our professor wants us to talk about GMO in economics prospective especially on the demand and my analyses of the prices etc. I wrote my introduction and my outline but my Prof still says that I have to narrow the topic down. She said that my essay doesn’t have a thesis statement.


I want you basically to adjust my introduction and outline to help you writethe entire essay based on the work I’ve done.  And remove staff that I don’t need. And make the essay really clear and straight to the point.

Moreover, she wants us on this draft to have 8 recourse.On my outline there are resources but she said that I have to change them because they were a marketing resources. So I want you to use an economic resources plus you have to  ATTACHED  the paragraph you used in the essay, in the end of the essay for each resource.


Attached are my introduction, the outline with cited page and all the documents my professor posted to help us write the essay. My professor wrote all her comments on the essays that I gave to here, please read them and understand them clearly so then you know what she wants exactly. And the most important thing that she emphasized on is the thesis statements she said that to me many times.



Please let me know if you can do it or not because I really want to get an A grade on this paper.




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