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IT 240


1:  You bring up an interesting topic about hogging the bandwidth because everyone is on the system streaming music or movies.  It makes me wonder how the large corporations deal with those types of issues.  In an office building filled with hundreds of employees that are all on the Internet at pretty much the same time, what does the IT department do to deal with those issues?  Do they bring in multiple service lines from the provider?  What do you think?


2:I do believe that you are right about how the different layers communicate with one another. I believe there is an intermediate system that helps each layer to pass messages on to the next layer. The messages contains information that tells the other layers what they need to do to continue on through the other layers. I have done some research and found the same information that you have.


3:Hubs, switches and routers are all ways of connecting computers together.  They each have their way of connecting them though.  Hubs are also referred to as repeaters.  They essentially take the signal coming in, clean it up and bring it back to its original strength and the send its out to all other connected computers.  When using a multi port hub, only one computer can transmit data at a single time.  A switch kind of acts like a hub, where it has multiple ports for connecting.  A switch acts differently because it will actually read the data that is incoming and determine which single port that data is suppose to be sent out to.  It is more intelligent because it doesn't just read electrical pulses.  Last, a router is what connects multiple LANs together.  A switch and a hub will connect computers within it's own LAN.  


IT 236


4:I totally agree with you that the page should not be so overloaded that it is so confusing to look at and get the information that the user needs. I have been on websites that are overloaded and I cannot find what I am looking for so I just leave that site and look somewhere else.  Three things to consider for building trust a company's target audience is perceived quality of presentation, perceived ease of navigation, and other user attributes. I like for a web page to have something that is going to catch my eye, the quality of presentation is important. If I can navigate through the site without spending a long time trying to find what I am looking for then chances are I will continue to visit that site. Most websites do not consider the user's attribute for example what gender they are, their age, etc. There are some users who do not understand how to navigate some sites on the internet so the designer has to consider all of this when he or she creates a website.


5:I agree, those factors are very important in website planning with loyalty being at the top of the list. Me, personally when I do business online I only do business with companies that I have done business with before, and  I know that I can trust. I barely do any business online with other companies, but whenever I do I make sure that I read all reviews about them, because if their previous customers had a good experience then it will show. It is all about how you treat your customers, gain their trust, and they will support you and support brings more business. One important question to ask yourself when website planning is would your potential customers trust you with their information by just looking at your site?


6:I do think that in the past five years it has become much easier and cheaper for companies to build a website for their business and are seeing the benefit to having a website but not all of them are understanding that just having a website is not the only key to success having a good website that functions,is easy to navigate and provides an abundance of information about the company and products being promoted is also very important. It may cost a more to have a website designed that has all of these aspects but I see it as you get what you pay for and if you spend a more to get the website developed that is going to fulfill your needs it is going to enable your customers to be happier and more willing to spend money with your business as apposed to going elsewhere.

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