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Discuss posts must be thoughtful, analytical, and well-cited.   Source citations must come from class lectures and readings.  You may use outside sources but they must be in addition to class sources.  Wikipedia and dictionaries are not acceptable academic sources.


Consider your MOODLE posts as "mini-essays."   Opinions are great but opinions alone will not be considered legitimate posts.  Your posts must be well-informed and well-cited.   Use logic, reason, and empirical data to support your ideas.   Just stating, "I agree." or "I disagree."  or "I really liked your post." will be considered a "zero"  (no points = fail).



Actor George Takei (Mr. Zulu from the older Star Trek) invited GOP presidential candidate and GOP front-runner to a show of the show he is starring in on Broadway in New York City called, "Allegiance" about the internment of Japanese Americans.  He extended a personal invitation to Donald Trump after Donald Trump put forth the idea of imprisoning Muslim Americans. 

It is one thing to be a "bigot" or to harbor "prejudices" (preconceived notions) about groups of people, but it's another thing to advocate (and to enact) exclusion, mistreatment or discrimination using "laws" (institutional power) against groups of people based on race, ethnicity, religion, or any other social status/identity. 

Have we learned from our history?   While we haven't started the course yet, this is something for us to think about as you begin reading the course materials.  







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