Discoveries (So Far) "CYBER CRIME"


W4 Lecture "Annotated Bibliography Hints and Tips"


Discoveries (So Far) "CYBER CRIME"

The following topic(s) will demonstrate what the discussion is about, but feel free to branch off or expand on the topics. At the end of the discussion, you will be asked to craft a 150 word reflection on what you have learned through this conversation and post it to the Weekly Reflection Journal. The more active you are in this part of the discussion, the more you will have to draw from in your reflection, so get involved, be active, help out your classmates when they need it, and, most of all, enjoy the conversation.

Using the mind mapping and article evaluations completed in W3, discuss two things that surprised you regarding your topic. Additionally, are you on track with your topic or have you discovered that you may need to make some changes? Why or why not? Please respond to at least two of your colleagues.

Work from the mind mapping and article - 150 words and reference needed

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