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DF4 - Amazon Drones/Google Driverless Cars (Ch. 5 & 6) - Business Law I - BUL 2241

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Recently, Amazon.com announced that it has plans to start delivering packages weighing less than 5 pounds to certain destinations utilizing drones.  Please watch this video provided by Amazon which shows a customer purchasing a "skate key" over a tablet and Amazon.com fulfilling the order:  www.youtube.com/watch (Links to an external site.) (right click, new tab)

Google also has announced plans to produce a driverless car.  Please watch this video where a sight-impaired man drives his driverless car to the cleaners and then Taco Bell (presumably not for fourth meal):  www.youtube.com/watch (Links to an external site.) (right click, new tab)

Having read Chapters 5-6 of your text book where issues such as intentional torts, negligence, product liability and strict liability; what types of legal issues do you think that Google and/or Amazon will have with these products?  Do you think the current laws are sufficient to protect the general public, or are new regulations required?  Explain

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