(TCO A) You work for Holt consulting company, which has been asked to recommend organizational improvements for CDC Software Company. You have been assigned to present PPM. Your boss has informed you that CDC Software Company knows nothing about PPM and you will need to cover the items below in your presentation in your own words.
• What is a PPM?
• Compare PPM, PgM, and Project level
• Benefits of each (PPM, PgM, and Project)
• Why should CDC Software Company implement a PPM?


(TCO B) In project orientation it is important to determine both the project needs from the project’s perspective and from the organization’s perspective. From the project’s perspective, the main areas of concern are project scoping, project programming, and project autonomy. In your own words, explain what is meant by project autonomy.


(TCO C) The program management life cycle was developed to not only ensure successful realization of organizational/program strategies but also to create a process to plan, identify, and resolve specific cost, schedule, or quality problems associated with the program. The five phases of the program life cycle are formulation, organization, deployment, appraisal, and dissolution. In your own words, describe the deployment phase and how it aids in planning, identifying, and resolving specific cost, schedule, or quality problems associated with the program.


(TCO C) The following acronyms are used when working with project budget or schedule: PV, AC, EV, & BAC. In your own words, define these acronyms, explain how they are calculated, and how they are used to measure or explain the projects budget and schedule

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