Just as it is with HTML files, it is often times difficult to understand the error messages validation services return with CSS files. However, validation is an import step in ensuring you create code that is well-formed, functions efficiently, and displays the intended styles as coded.


Using http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/#validate_by_upload, validate and correct the errors in the provided CSS file. To access the invalid CSS file:

1. In Canvas, right-click the CSS Validation assignment files link and choose “Save Link As” and save the compressed (.zip) file to your computer.

2. Extract the files to your computer (there will be two)

3. Review the brokenStyles.css file and correct as many errors as you can before validating

(there are four mistakes in the code)

a. To view the code, right-click on the file and select Edit with Notepad++ (Windows

Only). OSX users should use TextWrangler to open the file.

4. Save the file after making changes.

5. Upload the file to the validation service and review any error messages that appear (disregard


a. HINT: it may be helpful to correct the first error that appears then revalidate the code –

you may find that subsequent errors disappear

6. Repeat the process until the code successfully validates.

7. Finally, open the brokenCSS.html file in Mozilla Firefox; if all CSS errors have been corrected, the page will display as shown in the following screen shot.

8. Submit ONLY the .css file for this assignment.



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