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     several free email services are availble online. the website located at http://email.about.comod/freee-mailreviews/tp/free_e-mail.htm provides an overview of the top 16 free email services. Access this site and answer the following:  (1) How many service are listed? (2) Assume you are looking for a fre email service. Answer the following questions: 

Which service would you select and why

Which service would be your second choice and why?

Which services use the Google approach to email?

Which services offer POP or IMAP access, and which allow you to download messages to any email program?


Select three of the services that you consider less popular.

Revies each of the three services you selected and list the pros and cons for each service.


Due by tonight at 11:00 pm. 

Will pay $10.00

200 words or one page.

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