criminal justice research paper


                        Criminal Justice research paper 10 pages the topic is the use of deadly force by police officers

1.       Introduction

Your introduction must include

(a ) Statement on what your research Is about- the issue you want to write about

(b) background information

(C) Purpose of your study – Why you chose this topic – What motivated you to select this topic

(d) Statement of the problem – clearly state the problem you are concerned with which lead you to select this topic for further investigation or study

(e ) Finally you are to state clearly what you plan to find or hope to find

2.       Literature Review

Your literature review again will include a brief introduction again, stating the problem, you then go into details of the origin of the program and then review research, studies that have been done, by whom, where, and when and what has been found from these studies. Sometimes there are some conflicting findings and you must note those conflicts.

3.       Methodology

In this section you describe what methods were used in those studies you have reviewed in the literature review. Was is interviews, surveys, experiments, participation observation, or whatever. In your review off literature, you will note that researchers or these authors will describe what methods they used to collect their data in their study. You basically describe those methods they used.

4.       Theoretical application (optional)

This section is optional. If in your literature review you found that some researchers used some theories to support their assumptions, you can state those theories here. You can state those theories here. You simply acknowledge and state in this section that such and such theories were used by the author’s in their research. It really makes your paper strong but it is optional only if theories were not applied in those articles you reviewed   

5.       Conclusion


In this section you restate what you tried to study, you restate the purpose of your study and restate the problem that you saw which you tried to research/ study. You discuss what has been found from the studies you reviewed in section three. You discuss the results and the findings from those studies, noting any controversies and conflicts that you found while review the literature. 

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