Containment" meant surrounding communist nations with nations who were strong economically and militarily so as to stop the spread of communism.

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1)"Containment" meant surrounding communist nations with nations who were strong economically and militarily so as to stop the spread of communism.

True False

2) Which of the following does NOT apply to NATO?

A) collective security

B) Sweden and Switzerland as members

C) focus against the Soviet Union and Iron Curtain nations

D) most of west Europe and Britain as members

3) Which of the following did NOT occur during the Truman years?

A) Marshall Plan

B) the Vietnam War

C) Soviet development of the atomic bomb
D) Chinese Civil War

 E) Berlin Airlift

F) Truman Doctrine

4) Which of the following terms does NOT apply to Harry Truman?

A) U.S. senator

B) World War I veteran

C) college graduate

D) vice president

E) solid American values

5) The Democrats were accused of "losing" China by the Republicans.

True False

6) The anti-communist movement featured all of the following EXCEPT:

A) serious charges made by Senator Joseph McCarthy

B) a failure to catch any Soviet spies

C) people losing their jobs or reputations over alleged communist connections

D) fear and paranoia over communism gripping most of the nation

E) Congressman Richard Nixon helping build his political career by catching some spies

7) The Cold War referred to:

A) a renewed war against Naziism

B) the fact that Siberia
was a frozen wasteland

C) making war only in the wintertime

D) prolonged tension between the United States and its allies and nations within the communist system

E) none of the above

8) Which of the following statements does NOT apply to the Korean peninsula?
A) Korea was a divided nation just after World War II

B) Korea had no agreement on unifying elections

C) Communists controlled the southern half, and democratic elements governed the north

D) The north invaded the south

9) Americans "liked Ike" because:

A)he had extensive political experience

 B) his vice-presidential running mate did not cause him any trouble or embarrassment

C) he was a trusted, well-liked World War II hero

D) his opponent in the presidential race, Harry Truman, was not popular anymore with
the American people

10) A major feature of the Korean War was:

A) a victory communist side

B) the use of atomic weapons

C) a quick peace settlement that resolved all the issues of the war

D) President Truman relieving U.N. commander Douglas MacArthur
from command

11) The shooting down of an American spy plane over the Soviet Union in 1960 led the Soviets to develop a rocket-satellite program so they could spy on America.

True False

12) As a military officer, Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower had a great talent for:
A) leading troops in battle

B) teaching marksmanship to soldiers in basic training

C) mentoring Douglas MacArthur on how to be a good military officer

D) planning and organizing large-scale troop movements and battles

13) Ike repudiated (denounced and got rid of) the New Deal programs left and did not do anything that added to the size and cost of the federal government.

True False

14) Which statement about the*****case Brown v. the Board of Education is true?

A) It desegregated bus stations in the south

B) It ended racial segregation forever

C) It was directed against the Ku Klux Klan

D) It ordered that all school districts desegregate schools that had been separated along racial lines

15) "Covert activities" CIA meant:

A) gathering intelligence only

B) acting upon intelligence gathered and publishing a book to be read by the president

C) acting upon intelligence gathered and attempting to influence governments of other nations to move away from communism

D) gathering intelligence and sharing it with all other government agencies

16) Ike was all of the following EXCEPT:

A) a career military officer

B) a liberal politically

C) moderately conservative politically

D) a Republican

 17) Which of the following was the U.S. role in Vietnam between 1946 and 1960?
A) a strict hands-off policy

B) sending in combat troops

C) reluctantly accepting a Vietnam ruled by a communist government

D) helping the French financially and sending advisors to the new Vietnamese government in the south of the country

18) Which of the following statements do NOT apply to Senator Joseph McCarthy?

A) He died of alcoholism

B) He made charges against many people in the federal government

C) He caught spies in government and proved his charges with evidence

D) He gave his name to the already functioning anti-communist movement

19) In World War II, Ike was famous in/on:

A) Guadalcanal

B) the coastal invasion of France

C) England

D) the Russian front


 20) Sending federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, was an example of the federal government
enforcing the Brown decision.


True False

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