Construction Administration



Builder Bob is currently a one-man construction company. Bob is currently running a +/- $2,000,000 operation single-handed. He is the salesman, customer representative, warranty director, estimator, purchasing director, book-keeper, and field supervisor. Bob recognizes that if he is to keep his health and grow the business he must begin to expand, thus has decided to hire two employees to help him: a book-keeper/office manager, and a field manager. Bob will continue to handle all sales and customer related services, but will distribute everything else to his new hires. His first hire will be the office manager, and then his field manager. He has no complete job descriptions, and does not know where to search or how to proceed.


Place yourself in Bob’s position and CREATE A JOB DESCRIPTION for each position; LIST WHERE/HOW YOU WILL SEARCH for candidates; and CREATE A PROCESS to hire each. For each content item explain why you are including that item


The JOB DESCRIPTION will contain:

                Basic descriptions

                Responsibilities and Qualifications

Include: supervisory structure, personal interactions, mandated skills and/or certifications, education level, and required daily duties

The SEARCH LOCATIONS are where you intend to look for these candidates (and why)


The PROCESS is how you will conduct interviews, where, how many, etc.; what tests will be used and why (if any); and a series of interview questions for each position

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