Constructing a Memo


Assignment: Constructing a Memo 
For this assignment, you will follow the writing composition process outlined in section I. General Composing Techniques [Research, Organize, Focus, Draft and Edit] and compose a memo based on the following scenario:

Scenario: As a manager, write a memo to your employees about the following situation: 

Your company has decided to pilot a flextime program.  There are two options available. The first option is to work five days a week, but on an earlier or later schedule than the regular 8:00-5:00 workday.  The second option is working on a compressed schedule of four ten-hour days per week with the extra day off. However, staff must be in the office during regular business hours; everyone must be on the job during certain core hours, and all employees must get their work done successfully. 

Create a memo to your employees, explaining this new company policy. After completing your memo, describe which step in the composition process was the most challenging for you and why.


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