The theme for your essay centers on the United States Constitution.  To accomplish this assignment involves the student accessing the NWOSU Institute for Citizenship Studies website, accessing a Constitution Day event presented in that website, watching the presentation and then answering the proposed question. 


To get started, follow these instructions:


1.       Go to the web page: and click on "Signature Assignment."  

2.      Click onto the last item: -  National Archives Website on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  


     This will take you to the Charters of Freedom page.  At the top of the page, click “The Constitution.”  Read the content of the page, focusing on the article, “A More Perfect Union:  The Creation of the U.S. Constitution.” 

3.  When you are finished, return to the Institute’s main page ( and watch the Constitution Day event at


This page features a discussion between Dr. Aaron Mason, NWOSU professor political science, and Dr. Mario Carvajal, former Costa Rican Ambassador to the European Union and an expert on the Costa Rican Constitution.  J.W. Platt, Instructor of History Emeritus, led the discussion as moderator. 


 Your essay assignment is to answer this question:


 The U.S. and Costa Rican Constitutions have similarities and differences.  List and discuss any three things you learned that differ between the two constitutional traditions.


When answering the question, DO NOT make a numerical list, such as 1, 2, or 3.  This is an essay, everything should be in complete sentences and written in a narrative form.

Sources: You are automatically given two sources for your essay--the video and the aforementioned article.  If you deem it necessary, other sources to support your statements or conclusions are certainly allowed.  Sources can be either primary or secondary and must be cited using either APA, MLA, or Turabian style (in text, footnotes, or endnotes are acceptable).  Claiming words as your own from a source without proper citation is equivalent to plagiarism of which punishment is harsh. Even if you just rephrase or paraphrase a concept in a paragraph, you must cite the source.  The citing of any quote is mandatory.  In other words, tell me the source of your information in your essay.  

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