Complete the generalization of the Birthday Paradox

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EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT PART 4 DUE DATE: Monday 30th 2015 The Birthday Paradox states that, given 23 random birthdays…….. Complete the generalization of the Birthday Paradox: Give _______ random numbers chosen from 1 to n there is approximately a 50% chance that…… Explain how the “Birthday Attack”, based on this generalization can be used by Eve in challenge/Response if the numbers are badly chosen Al wants to use Steganography to hide a secret 10 digit phone number (eg 7024561081) in a simple image file to be sent to Terry. Al will use a paint tool that can display the RGB (Red/Green/Blue) values (an 8-bit number between 0 and 255) for any pixel and can set the RGB values of any pixel. Al starts with a picture of a parrot that is colored yellow, dark green and purple against a white background. Explain how Al will hide the above phone number. Include specific details using actual numerical examples Explain IN DETAIL how Terry will recover the hidden data Explain if a knowledgeable analyst can determine if the file contains hidden data Alice and Box want to use RSA to send non-confidential messages to ensure Integrity Alice wants to send 567 to bob. Alice performs 567^1231 mod 2279 to get 70 Bob receives 70. Bob performs 70^55 mod 2279 to get 567 Bob wants to send 765 to Alice. Bob performs 765^451 mod 2257 to get 1431 Alice receives 1431. Alice performs 1431^91 mod 2257 to get 765 What are Alice’s and Bob public/private numbers Alice’s public: Alice private Bob’s public Bob’s private In this simple case, only a number is sent so the receiver doesn’t know if the result is meaningful or not. Because the message is not confidential Alice will send two numbers 567 and 70. Bob receives 567 and 70, uses 70 to calculate 567 and compares them: they are equal, so Bob believes they came from Alice. In this simple example, what steps can Eve perform to send two numbers: 666 and another so that Bob also believes they came from Alice Alice wants to use..

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Complete the generalization of the Birthday Paradox A+ Tutorial use as Guide

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