company name : COSTCO


total 2 and half page (5 paragraph don't make extra paragraph)


(2 paragraph)

Comparative Financial Analysis of the company compared to the industry performance.
Write a paragraph regarding your company’s comparative performance to the industry average for
the most recent year.

(3 paragraph)

Conclusion and Decisions Based on the analysis of COSTCO arrive at a conclusion by writing a paragraph for each of the following three decisions. You must support your conclusions with reasoned statements as to why or why not. Decisions

1. Would you place a personal deposit of one million dollars or more in the publicly traded stock of this company?

2. Would you invest $500,000 in the debt (bonds) of this company?

3. If you were a member of the Board of Directors of a bank and you sat on that Bank’s Credit Committee, would you grant a one million dollar line of credit for Overnight or Term Federal Funds to this company?

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