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Design of information Assignment

Part 1: Submit definition and an example where each of the following might be utilized: 1) Alphabetical order, 2) Whole/Parts, 3) Chronological Order, 4) Spatial Order, 5) Ascending/Descending Order, 6) Comparison/Contrast, and 7) Cause and Effect.

Part 2: Write a short description of each of the following: 1) Chartjunk, 2) Tombstoning and 3) Widows and Orphans.

Part 3: Using page 397 as a guide, explain in a short paragraph why Edwardian Script is not an acceptable font selection for submission of assignments in this course.

Submission Requirements: Combine the three parts into one doc file. Your grade will be based on the syllabus requirements and grading rubric as well as creativity, readability and usability.

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