COMM 315 Week 2 Individual Assignment Step Outside Your World Analysis

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Select an activity that puts yourself outside of your normal environment. If you have access to a wheelchair, for example, go out in the wheelchair to a public setting such as a shopping mall or restaurant. This activity must be approved by your instructor.

Post the responses to the following questions in complete sentences to the Main forum as well as to your Individual forum:

·Describe the activity they chose and why?

·What type of place did you choose to experience and why?

·What did you observe?

·What did you find surprising or unexpected?

·Did you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Why?

·Did this experience change your views about the people whom you observed? If so, how?

·What did you learn from this experience?

·How could your workplace benefit because you had this type of an experience?

·Why do you feel that employers would seek and value employees with this diverse experience?

·Identify at least two reasons why organizations benefit from having a diversity-conscious culture.

·Prior to this experience did you have a stereotype of the people you observed in this activity?


Share this experience with the class and be prepared to discuss other students’ experiences.

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    COMM 315 Week 2 Individual Assignment Step Outside Your World Analysis

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