COM 156 (University Composition & Communication II) Week 2 Complete

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COM 156 (University Composition and Communication II)




COM 156 Week 2 DQ 1


Page 112 explains what role an effective introduction should have in a paper. What aspect of writing an introduction do you anticipate will be a challenge for you? Explain why

COM 156 WEEK 2 DQ 2


Read pp. 290–291 in Ch. 18. Those pages provide an overview of writing that persuades. Ch. 4 provides ideas for choosing a topic. Based on those ideas and knowing that your final paper will be a persuasive essay, what topic from Appendix B will you choose for your paper? Based on the readings from the text this week identify key points to keep in mind when working on the thesis statement and introduction of your essay.


                                                                               COM 156 WEEK 2 DQ 3


Identify two different points of view for the topic from the list in Appendix B that you have chosen. Choose the point of view you will use in your paper and explain why you have chosen it. 


Week 2 Assignment:

COM 156 Week 2 Assignment Select a Topic for Your Final Paper

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    COM 156 (University Composition & Communication II) Week 2 Complete

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