College Comp Discussion 8


First, create a post-draft outline for the draft you submitted in Unit 6. For an example of a post-draft outline, see pp. 157-159 of The Kaplan Guide to Successful Writing.  Post that outline to the Invention Lab. Based upon this outline, what do you think is missing from your draft? Are you repeating yourself throughout the paper? Did you miss a topic that you mentioned in your thesis statement? Does the essay flow well? If there are any other things that come to light with your outline, discuss them in your response. This portion of your response should be at least 200 words.

Then, after reviewing this unit’s reading on introductions and conclusions, create new opening and closing paragraphs for your project. Write a paragraph describing what approaches you selected, what changes you made to the paragraphs in your draft, and why you think the new paragraphs will make an effective frame for your essay. This part of your post should be at least 300 words and include your revised introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Be sure to attach your draft to your post so classmates can evaluate your post-draft outline and revised paragraphs more effectively.Respond to two classmates’ posts. Please begin by reviewing a post that has not yet gotten a response. You need to offer specific suggestions for improving and revising their essay. See the guidelines below as well as Chapter 16 of The Kaplan Guide to Successful Writing for issues to consider in your response, and keep Roger Ebert’s recommendations about effective film reviewing that we discussed last week in mind. You don’t just want to state what you like or do not like about the proposed revisions — explain why you feel the way you do and provide evidence to support your assertions and offer suggestions for improvement. 


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