COLL 148 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving All Journals Devry

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 COLL 148 Critical Thinign and Problem Solving All Journals



Week 1 Journal:

  • “If you have a disagreement with your supervisor at work.”
  • “If your class paper or project receives a failing grade from your professor.”
  • “If you are having a disagreement with someone for whom you care deeply.”
  • “If you see that someone is struggling and having a hard time “making it”.”
  • “Scaling your guiding statement.”


Week 3 Journal

  •  As you reflect back on this budgeting assignment, what are the most personally important facts or concepts you learned?
  •  How does what you have learned or realized relate to or impact your personal, educational and career goals?
  • Do you feel prepared to enter student loan repayment and understand how to get started?
  • What money-related questions do you still have?  How will you get the answers you need?
  • How will you apply the lessons of this activity to your own life?
  • With all these money matters in mind, what is your next financial step toward achieving your goals?

Week 4 Journal

  • What is the song’s title and artist?
  • What emotional and mental responses did you have to the song the first time you listened to it? Why do you think you had this response?
  • While listening to the song, what happened to your appreciation level? Did it increase or decrease? Why?
  • In your opinion, what was the message (theme) of the song?
  • What about the song most surprised you? The lyrics? The actual music? Your like or dislike of the song? The artist’s voice? Etc….


Week 5 Journal

How do I handle conflict?

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    COLL 148 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving All Journals Devry

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