PART I:         Chapter 3 – Problems C++



#1)  What is the first step to do when you convert any base to binary? Please discuss and give one example.


#2)   Discuss the different ways to represent negative integers.



#58)     Write a function in C++ to convert an eight-bit unsigned binary number to a positive decimal integer. Define a binary number as:    int binNum[8];    Test your function with interactive input.



#70)     Write a function in C++ to convert a four-digit hexadecimal number to a possibly negative decimal integer. Use the definition of a hexadecimal number as given in Problem 67. Assume that the hexadecimal value represents the bits of a 16-bit cell with two’s complement representation. Test your function with interactive input. Use the upper- case letters of the alphabet for the hexadecimal input.








Write a 2 page research paper on unsigned binary and 2’s complement binary representations.  Explain the concepts using at least an example. Use at least two resources (Wikipedia sources are not permitted) and list each resource used at the end of paper in the reference list section.

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