CIS 500 Week 2 Discussions(1 & 2)

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Discussion 1

From the e-Activity, assume that you are a CTO of a retail organization that has adopted the RFID technology. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages y our organization could experience with this technology in relation to the organization’s supply chain and logistics.

Imagine the information system for Wal-Mart was suddenly nonexistent. Choose the data management system you would put back in operation first.

Discussion 2:

“IT Infrastructure" Please respond to the following:

Imagine you are starting a Web business and want to incorporate cloud= = = = = technology. Describe how you would incorporate cloud technology into your= = = = = business model. Justify your response.

Assume you are a CIO of a startup company. The company needs to implement an IT infrastructure. Describe the infrastructure and argue which of the four characteristics of an IT infrastructure (dependable, manageable, adaptable, and affordable) is the most important to consider when acquiring IT infrastructure support components. Support your response.


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