CIS 355 Lab 2: Control Structures and User-Defined Methods

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CIS 355 Lab 2: Control Structures and User-Defined Methods:

Program files for each of the following three programs.

1.         Largest

2.         Palindrome

3.         Diamond

Step 1: Largest

Write a Java application program called that inputs a series of 10 single-digit numbers and determines and prints the largest of the numbers. Except main() method, no other user-defined method is required. Your program should use at least the following three variables

1.         counter: A counter to count to 10 (that is, to keep track of how many numbers have been input and to determine when all 10 numbers have been processed);

2.         number: The current digit input to the program; and

3.         largest: The largest number found so far.

Step 2: Palindrome

A palindrome is a sequence of characters that reads the same backward as forward. For example, each of the following five-digit integers is a palindrome: 12321, 55555, 45554, and 11611. Write an application called that asks the user to enter in a five-digit integer and determines whether it is a palindrome. If the number is not five digits long, display an error message dialog indicating the problem to the user. When the user dismisses the error dialog, allow the user to enter a new value.

Your program will have the following four methods

1.         main() method, which controls the execution of the program;

2.         retrieveInput() method, which prompts and retrieves the input values;

3.         check() method, which determines whether it is a palindrome; and

4.         display() method, which displays the result.

Step 3: Diamond

Write a program called that uses a method diamondOfAsterisks() that displays a diamond (the row number of a diamond must be odd) of asterisks whose row is specified in an integer parameter row. For example, if the user enters a 7, then the diamond will have seven rows and the method will display the pattern of asterisks. Below is an example of the diamond displayed when 7 is entered.








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    CIS 355 Lab 2: Control Structures and User-Defined Methods

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