Chose a public head figure and write about them with the instructions below.


Approved Public Heath Figures:


Epidemiology, vaccines and disease:

John Snow – Father of Epidemiology

Ignaz Semmelweis – Went insane trying to prove sanitation through hand washing.

Robert Koch – Father of Bacteriology

Dr. Margaret Chan – Current Director-General of WHO

Lee Jong Wook – Former Director-General of WHO

Dr. Mirta Roses Periago – Director of Pan-American Health Foundation

Roberto Morales Ojeda – Minister of Health – Cuba

Louis Pasteur – Pasteurization and some vaccines

Edward Jenner – Smallpox vaccine

Dr. Jonas Salk – Polio vaccine

Alexander Fleming – Penicillin

Charles R Drew – Blood transfusions


 chose a public health pioneer above to write about for the Final Project. For this

Assignment, please provide an overview of what you will discuss in the Final Project paper. This

is the first step to writing your final paper. Please include the following:


1. How this individual positively impacted the advancement of public health.

2. Briefly describe some of the main points that you will develop in your Final

Project paper, including:

a. The cause he/she pursued in an effort to advance public health (a

particular disease, public health policy, social/behavioral change, etc.).

b. Some of the steps and methods this person took to advance public health

(develop a vaccine; develop a sanitation system; complete experiments to

prove public health theories, etc.), including experiments, policy, laws,

etc. that were completed or passed.

c. The overall impact this person had in the field of public health.

d. A list of some obstacles, barriers or ethical dilemmas that was overcome

in the process.

3. A list of at least three peer-reviewed journal articles that you plan to use in

your paper. Please see the course Welcome Announcement or contact

your Professor for more information on peer-reviewed sources.


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