CENE 286 Spring 2015: Homework # 1: Engineering Professionalism and Qualities

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See course schedule for due date

Assignment is to be hand written

All assignments must be complete and contain the following info:

At the top of the first page of this document, include the following:

Student’s name

Class and section


Homework number and name

Re-write each question, followed by the answer

Each student must turn in his / her own assignment

Ethics: Read the NSPE Code of Ethics and the ASCE Code of Ethics

1. Identify sections that relate to the following topics.

a. Truthful Reporting

b. Taking credit for the work of others

c. Dishonest Reporting

2. Compare the two codes of ethics and identify and describe three canons that are similar

between the two.

a. Identify each cannon

b. In your own words explain what each cannon discusses

c. Explain why they are similar

Licensure: Review the NCEES Licensure Website

1. Describe the four steps required to become a professional engineer

2. Identify the website the state of Arizona uses to inform and list its professional engineers

3. What are the examination dates for engineering in 2015?

Qualities: Review the Top Qualities of an Engineer Handout

1. Identify five qualities of a top quality that you think you already possess and describe why

2. Identify five qualities of a top quality that you think you do not possess and describe why

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