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1- from this 4 model can you know the ING Direct Spain working and using watch model ?

This allows us to identify four generic management models 

1.The planning model: Many large companies operate with narrow short-term objectives, clearly defined management processes and strict hierarchical decision-making. And, importantly, these are often among those objectives through a variety of means.

2.The quest model: is to loosen up the “means” of management while retaining tight control over the “ends.” Or, saying it slightly differently, to tell your employees what to do, but not how to do it
o Ends (i.e., managing objectives, motivating individuals)
o Means (i.e., coordinating activities, making decisions)

3.The scientific model: free up the ends while keeping
control of the means. This is how science makes

4.The discovery model: both the means and ends of
management are deliberately loose, but for certain activities, and for certain periods of time, it can be highly effective.






2- link this idea with ING Direct Spain  and how they activated ?




The Four Cs of Customer-Focused Solutions  


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