Background: With 18% of its staff laid off on June 3rd 2013, Zynga is clearly in trouble. The Director of Strategy at Zynga has hired your team to explain to investors & internal stakeholder various aspects of their business. To help you with the messaging, the CEO has asked you to arrange the report based on the framework below. Additionally, he has asked, unless otherwise directed to/specified, you to only use information for the 2012 Annual Report and recent earnings report provided with this document in creating the report. Further, the Director of Strategy has asked you to cite the source of data using footnotes.

I. Product Positioning Analysis: 1 page
Using data in 2012 Financial Report and external data, identify Zynga’s product positioning strategy. [Note: don’t just look at pure-play competitors, also look at “close” competitors]

II. Top 5 Strategic Cost Management Recommendations: 1 page
Utilizing data provided in the 2012 Financial Report and external data, identify five recommendations to executive management focused only on Cost Management.
For each recommendation clearly identify relevant data (e.g. competitor's financial data, external research reports etc.) and how the recommendation relates to the three pillars of strategic cost management (Value Chain, Product Positioning, or Cost Driver analysis).
Arguments that are not relevant to cost management, lack relevant supportive data, and/or lack association with the three themes in Strategic Cost Management will not be considered for grading.

III. Review of cost data: 0.5 page
Carefully review the components and growth in the following line items:
Cost of revenue, Research and development, Sales and marketing, General and administrative. Answer the following:
• What are the key drivers of cost for each of the line items?
• What is the most controllable and what is the least? Why?
• If you can cut expenses, while supporting revenue, where would you cut and how?

IV. Reliance on key Partners: 0.5 page
Given that Zynga’s key strategic partner is Facebook, note one strategic cost benefit and one strategic cost loss (Note: do not focus on revenue. This should be purely related to doing a cost analysis)

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