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400-600 word analysis/review of an issue regarding any topic relating to the course - this analysis should be of an article from a reputable source and preferably Canadian in nature. The analysis must link to course material and you should engage with people commenting on your analysis – You can also offer a question at the end of your analysis to facilitate discussion. You must post a critical analysis of an issue in 3 of the 5 weeks according to the schedule posed by the instructor and participate in all 5 discussions for full marks. Individual posts will count for the first 15% and the remaining discussion comments will count for 10%. Comments such as "good job", "interesting perspective" will not be considered as participation (although collegiality is a must in this process!). You should critically and thoughtfully engage with the material analyzed. Cite your source(s).

This forum will open January 29 and the research post must be posted by Sunday February 5th. Every student must comment on at least one of the research postings (including students who posted their research summary). This forum will close on Sunday February 12 at Midnight.  Late submissions will not be accepted, this includes both comments and research postings.




What is the author trying to say? What evidence does he/she use? Is there anything about it in the textbook, if so, does it align with Telford? Do you agree with what the author is saying, why or why not? Does this add to your knowledge, if so, how. Would you recommend this article?  Why or why not? And anything else that strikes you as interesting (even if not... pretend) 

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