Can hifsa shaukat please review the following article and submit a journal review?


2/3 pages APA Style


Review 2: Please select ONE of the following to conduct this week's journal review. 


Green, G R, Linsk, N L, Pinkston, E M. Modification of Verbal Behavior of the Mentally Impaired Elderly by Their Spouses, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 19 (4), Winter 1986, pp 329-336.


Roscoe, E M, Iwata, B A, & Kang, S W. Relative Versus Absolute Reinforcement Effects: Implications for Preference Assessments, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 32 (4), Winter 1999, pp 479-493.


Zimmerman, E H & Zimmerman, J. The Alteration of Behavior in a Special Classroom Situation, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 5 (1), January 1962, pp 59.



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