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Making sure your defenses are current is a major function of the IT professional team at any company. This week’s studies offer lots of suggestions on how to manage this. What concepts and topics do you think are most important, and how do you see yourself and your team implementing such suggestions when you get on the job?

In the network, the defenses in depth it is utilized to organize more security and the actions taken to protect the honesty of the data assets on the company. These techniques are based on the securing the network against threats or fighting against the enemies to defeat your business system has and layer defense system.
The defense it is reduces the possibility to attempts of hurtful hackers to succeed with their attacks. The system well secure and design with this kind of strategy it can assist the system administrators and security in charge to identify individual who are trying to deal with the computer, server, private network or ISP (Internet service provider). Whenever the hacker’s take control over the system, defense in depth it will reduce the unfavorable impact and allow the administrators and system engineers more time to employ new or updated countermeasures to avoid the experience. In my point of view teamwork, it is more important than anything else is because you can coordinate everything your people are doing or going to do on the system for better protection.
Margaret, R. (2008) Defense in Depth, Retrieved fromhttp://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/defense-in-depth

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