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How does research benefit business professionals? How can your business research and report writing continue to develop in terms of fast-paced change on the Internet and other new technologies?



I personally find it very important to be able to spell correctly and research information in any business setting. When sending emails or reports or anything in writing, it's so important to use the correct spelling and grammar and to really make sure your facts are straight. It would not be beneficial to write something and send it out without researching and spell checking. It would make you look lazy and uneducated. With spell check and grammar check, it almost seems impossible to send or put out on the internet information that might make you look uneducated, but it really is important to get your facts straight. It's also important to give credit where the credit is do. If your company were to create a website, and you decide to quote someone, you want to give the credit to the person that said that quote. Otherwise, you can make people angry by stealing someone else's words.

Research is so important in a business. If a neurosurgeon went into a heart surgery saying, "I'm going to fix this person's heart my way." That doctor is going to be looking at a major lawsuit. A surgeon is going to learn and research all that is needed to know to perform a heart surgery, and of course, he's going to need to know how to do it the way he learned it, not off the top of his head.



Research benefits business professionals in that it helps them to build a business plan, it hlps with making decisions, development , and information. I believe what Donald Trump is saying is that because he does his research first about what he is pursuing he better prepared for it. I think it's a plus to research potential companies that you may be looking to work for. If you can tell them information aboutthe company they know you have done your research and that it must be important to you. The fast paced changes of the internet and othe new technologies help us to be and stay competitive and up to date

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