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Strategy: Choices and Change 


Your Individual Strategy assignment (e-portfolio 2) is a case study analysis of 1150 to 1500 words. You must analyse the “The Boss and the Yogi” case by applying appropriate strategy models from the core module text book, ‘Exploring Strategy’ (e.g. PESTEL, Five Forces, Strategic Grouping, Value Chain or Seven S, Porter’s generic strategies or Bowman’s strategy clock). You must summarise Levi’s strategic position using SWOT analysis and then make recommendations for the future direction of the company using your analysis and the Ansoff matrix. The case study is on weblearn and is 2 pages long. 

You should use tables or diagrams when you apply strategy models and populate them with data from the case. However, it is not sufficient to just apply models and produce diagrams or tables; you must discuss the key findings from each model (there are lots of marks available for the quality of your discussion). The information in tables or diagrams or in the end reference section will not be included in the word count. Your report should use full sentences and not bullet points (except in diagrams or tables). 

You should reference your work using the Harvard system and use relevant academic reading to develop and support your ideas (at least three different academic sources). You do not need to read beyond the case for information about Levi. You should stick to the case and limit your reading to strategy text books and academic journal articles. However, you do not need to describe the models in detail e.g. you don’t need to explain what Porter means by ‘buyer power’; it will be clear from your analysis that you understand this. 

Report structure 

Introduction: Brief introduction to the assignment (50 to 100 words) 

Main body: Models, e.g. PESTEL, SWOT, populated with your analysis from the case. Discussion (synthesis & key insights) from applying the models. This should end with a discussion of your SWOT analysis. (1000 to 1350 word) 

Recommendations: Recommendations for future strategic direction based on discussion in the main body and insights from your Ansoff matrix (100 to 200 words) 


Reference section: in Harvard format. Only cite sources that are included in your assignment. There must be at least 3 different academic sources including the core text book. Wikipedia and are not academic sources. Assessment Criteria: Individual Strategy assignment 


Demonstrates understanding of the case study organisation and depth of insight and synthesis from the analysis of each model and analysis of the overall strategic position (synthesis of SWOT analysis). 



Recommendations are based on the earlier analysis and demonstrate good understanding of Ansoff and the case. 



Demonstrates understanding of a range of strategy models and ability to select models appropriately and apply them to the case effectively. 



Good evidence of academic reading. Good use of Harvard referencing. 



Report is well structured and presented; arguments are coherent, logical and persuasive. 


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