Provide and discuss at least three examples of key strategic alternatives that are available to health care organizations today but were not available to them 20 years ago. (at least 200 words)

What are the steps involved in the decision logic of strategy development? How would you employ these steps in planning for your own health care organization or one which you may someday lead? (at least 200 words)

Discuss the hierarchy of strategic decisions and alternatives that are required for effective strategic planning in health care organizations. (at least 200 words)

Read Perspective 7-3 Overview of Public Health in the United States on pages 279-280 in your textbook.

Describe the essential services provided within the scope of Public Health in America today. What is meant by Public Health Assessment Services? Look around yourself, in your own community, and your own state. Discuss at least three examples of Public Health Assessment Services that are taking place in your own area. (at least 500 words)

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