I have 5 weeks of work are you interested I'll pay you 30.a week for 4 weeks and for the last week I'll bonus you and pay 50 for that week so thats 120.for 4 weeks and 50 for the final week.

 If you accept the first week that I need help with is:

  1. Business & Society
  2. In one paragraph, supported by evidence in your text and from other research, describe two forces that you believe shape the relationship between business and society. Provide two examples (one for each force you choose). Look for flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings.
  3. Business & Accountability

    In one paragraph, supported with evidence from your text and from other research, provide one example and brief discussion of one business in your area that has demonstrated accountability to people, to its community, and to its environment. Be specific with your examples. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings.


To complete this assignment, go to this week's Assignment link in the left navigation:

Case Study: A Brawl in Mickey's Backyard 

Read the Brawl in Mickey's Backyard case study at the end of Chapter 1 in your text. In a one- to two-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), you must:

  • Describe who the relevant market and nonmarket stakeholders are in this situation. 
  • Describe possible solutions to this dispute that you think might emerge from dialogue between SunCal and its stakeholders.

You must use at least one scholarly source in addition to the text and your paper must be formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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