BUS 352 Week 5 Assignment Final Paper

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The final 6 to 8 page paper will demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the course topics and concepts. The title of the paper will be “An e-Business analysis of _____________.” The blank will be filled in with the name of a company you select that is doing business online. It can be a traditional brick-and-mortar company, or one that is completely online. The company can be in any of the four categories of e-commerce. The goal in writing the final paper is to demonstrate an ability to analyze a company based on the concepts presented in this course. The paper will discuss the following issues:

1. Overview/Executive Summary (written last; summarizes key points).

2. Company history and background, including stage in the company life cycle.

3. The need(s) the company addresses and the customers it pursues.

4. The role of the Internet in strategy (business strategy, IS Strategy, ICT Strategy, and EC Strategy). Also address the knowledge management strategies the company uses.

5. EC Metrics the company employs.

6. The online user types for this company and the e-commerce considerations.

7. The impact of Internet regulation.

8. EC Security the company uses.

9. Competitive advantage technology can provide this company.

10. Barriers to Global e-commerce.

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    BUS 352 Week 5 Assignment Final Paper

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