BUS 300 Week 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 19

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BUS 300 Week 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 19


1. The Tylenol tablet tampering crisis
2. If public relations departments hope to gain acceptance for conducting an issues management program, they must, above all else, have approval for it from
3. Which of the following make risk communication challenging?
4. Who is credited with coining the term issues management?
5. To ________, crisis is “unplanned visibility.”
6. The most essential step in planning how to handle a crisis is to
7. Based on the definition of a crisis provided in the Harvard Business Review, when one occurs, you should
8. Paramount in all advice offered about handling media in a crisis, above all else
9. The speed of the Internet, pervasiveness of social media and viral communications mean people and companies are
10. Research by the public relations agency Porter Novelli about communicating in a crisis indicates that
11. To better manage what must be conveyed as part of risk communication, the person charged with responding ought to follow a seven-step process called
12. Which of the following pertain to risk communication?
13. In the 21st century, among the highest-paid, most well-regarded public relations practitioners are those who attempt to manage
14. If a crisis occurs, typically you will have to handle
15. As simple as it seems, the effectiveness of a risk management program boils down to

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    BUS 300 Week 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 19

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