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please only 3 pages and follow the steps, dont forget to see the sample. i need sources and the sources must be from the book. 


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A Good Book Review in 4 steps:

1. Describe the book - Give one sentence, within the opening paragraph, that encapsulates what this book is about, including the book's subject and argument.


2. What evidence does the author use to construct this argument? Is it effective?


3. What contribution does the book make to its field? Or rather, how is it new and innovative? Or does it just rehash a familiar subject without adding much of anything new?


4. Conclusion: deal with the strengths and weaknesses of the book. If you liked the work, state its problems first, but end on a positive note and describe its positive aspects. If you didn't find the book particularly convincing or well-written, deal with its potential contributions first, and then (in the immortal words of Italianist scholar Daniel Bornstein) "drag it into the back alley and give it a good thumping."

I also suggest you look at some book reviews on JSTOR


 to get an idea of how to structure your review. Under the "advanced" search option, check the "reviews" box, and then search by subject, keyword, author, etc.


attachment are the sample 


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